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LaFlamme Electric Most Trusted Electrical Contractor in Atlanta

Looking for reliable electrical contractor in Atlanta? Look no further than LaFlamme Electric. With a focus on servicing builders across the bustling Atlanta Metropolitan area, our expertise shines through in over 12,000 wired new homes across dozens of subdivisions throughout Georgia.

Why Choose LaFlamme Electric?

As a leading electrical contractor in Alpharetta, Georgia, our capacity for high-volume production sets us apart. Our commitment to quality and efficiency means we’re equipped to meet new growth demands while adhering to even the tightest schedules.

Trusted Partnerships

LaFlamme Electric proudly serves a diverse clientele, including national home builders, regional production builders, and custom home builders throughout Georgia. Our extensive industry relationships and long-standing partnerships enable us to offer competitive pricing and unmatched service.

Reliable Workforce and Expertise

Our experienced team of electricians and support staff forms the backbone of our operation. Backed by substantial purchasing power, we’re dedicated to remaining highly competitive. With over 25 years of experience serving builders in Atlanta, we understand the challenges of adhering to schedules. Our adaptable approach ensures we seamlessly adjust to scheduling changes, keeping your projects on track.

Efficiency at Every Step

From rapid responses to service needs during construction to addressing warranty requirements post-job completion, our commitment to efficiency is unwavering. Our dedicated subdivision managers ensure timely execution of rough-ins, trim work, and final inspections. Safety and cleanliness are paramount on all our sites, minimizing disruptions and callbacks.

Navigating Challenges, Delivering Results

LaFlamme Electric’s expertise truly shines in the face of challenges. Our dedicated purchasing and logistics team adeptly source and procure necessary components, even during disruptions like COVID-related shutdowns and supply chain shortages. Count on us to keep your projects on schedule and ensure timely power energization to meet closing needs.

Experience the LaFlamme Difference

With a legacy as Georgia’s largest independent purchaser of copper wire and fixtures, we pass on the savings to you through competitive pricing. When you choose LaFlamme Electric, you’re choosing a partner committed to quality, efficiency, and exceeding expectations.

Reach out today to learn how LaFlamme Electric can power up your projects for success.

For Builders

T-Poles Ready for Installation by LaFlamme Electric

Temporary Power

Long before a residential building goes vertical, you need temporary power to assist all trades and get the work done. We have a dedicated crew of technicians that get you the power that you need, when you need it. The best part is that you don't pay additional for this service.

electrician in Atlanta rough in

On Time Rough & Trim

To keep our builders on schedule we emphasize fast rough-ins with a focus on safety. We leave the job-site clean. Our trims are fast and clean. Each rough or trim phase is then inspected by our subdivision managers who provide one on one service to Construction Managers.

Electrician in Atlana Prompt Service

Prompt Service Response

Construction is dynamic. We respond quickly to all service requests for adds, moves and changes during construction and provide same day or next day warranty support for homeowners, after the job is done. We are on call after hours for those emergencies that just cannot wait.

For Homeowners

Warranty Support

Post Closing Warranty Support

If we wired your home for your builder, good news, your electrical system is warranted to the original purchaser for a period of 12 months from the date of closing. We are ready to provide prompt warranty service through your builder and we are available 24x7 for emergencies.

leviton charger

Car Chargers (EV Charger)

We prewire most every home in the greater Atlanta metropolitan for for our Builders with a 50 amp EV Charger circuit in the garage.  We can complete the connection and install a car charger for you promptly and your warranty will remain in full force if we service your home.

Electrical Additions and Basements

Electrical Additions & Basements

Finishing your basement? Give us a call to estimate your wiring needs and protect your warranty.  We can swap lights and ceiling fans.  We can add lights, receptacles and switches to customize your home at an affordable price, beyond what the Builder provided to you.

Builder Testimonials

Communication is a crucial aspect of success and this is an area where Laflamme excels, from both a field and office standpoint. As a Director of Purchasing, I could always count on Laflamme to provide all necessary information and materials to make my job easier. When considering future electrical contract bid awards, Laflamme is always at the top of the list.

Tim Reed

Toll Brothers, Inc.

In any trade or profession, it is increasingly difficult to find the best. When you find a electrical contractor dedicated to high quality who is as dependable and competitive as LaFlamme Electric, you don’t know if you should shout from the rooftop or keep their phone number a trade secret. Thank you for many years of great work. LaFlamme Electric is always a part of our team.

Kevin Young

Empire Communities